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Date with a celeb: Maro meets fan Saleh Kibwika

Maro greets his fan Saleh.  Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Formerly with Fire Base Crew and Westend Entertainment, the owner of Vocal Police, Maro, meets his fan Saleh Kibwika, a student in Kampala.

I have always known you by Maro but what is your real name?
My name is Ronald Magada.

Does Maro have a meaning?
Yes it does. I got it by combining the first two letters of my names. MA from Maro and RO from Ronald.

Who is Maro?
Maro is a simple guy, loves his career, focused, a good listener that sieves what is important and a hard working Musoga.

When did you realise you could sing?
In 2000 while I was in Primary Seven. That is when I wrote my first song which had two lines only. Surprisingly, I have never completed that song.

What inspires you to sing?
The environment, views that are not heard and the goals I want to achieve in life.

You recently had your first concert, “Maro Concert”. What were your expectations?
I was expecting a reasonable crowd and indeed people came and supported me. Many artists out there have concerts for money but mine was more to celebrate what I had achieved in the last four years.

How do you feel about winning a Club Music Video award?
I was honoured and want to thank every fan out there who took time to vote and it motivates me to work even harder.

When recording, what category of people do you target?
I look at three types of people. The downtown category, corporates and the Ebay type (Internet people). My songs cross over.

Who is your musical icon on the local scene and internationally?
Maurice Kirya locally, and John Legend on the international scene.

List your top five Ugandan artists?
Maro in first place, Maurice Kirya, Irene Namubiru, Juliana and Natty Naithan respectively.

Besides your music, what is your best song apparently?
Onobidamu from one of the ladies in Revival Band.

Do you have beef with anyone?
Maybe chicken…. But on a serious note, I don’t have beef with anyone because everyone contributes a lot to the growth of this industry.

If you had powers, what would you change about the Ugandan music industry?
That would be godly, but I would penetrate people’s brains and tell them to be more patriotic, especially those who front international music to local. I would make sure they promote Ugandan music first.

What challenges are you currently facing in the music industry?
Personally, the only challenge I’m facing is that there is the visible bridge one has to cross to become successful and it involves the media and the corporate world.

Any new projects?
Yes. Lots and lots of projects but first, I’m releasing a new video next week to inspire fellow artistes out there to work hard. It’s called I’m not a star (Raising star).

Are you married?
Not yet but soon.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done for love?
Crying when I was trying to solve a problem I had created.

What is your best dish?
Rice, matooke and meat in beans.

Best TV and Radio personality?
Douglas Lwanga of NTV and Omulangira Ndawusi.

What’s your advice to that young man who wants to be like you?
Be focused and never let anyone bring you down because no one knows you better than you know yourself.

Where is Maro five years from now?
I see myself having a kid, an entrepreneur and having an NGO called Maro music for the girl child.

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