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Fashion tip : Patterned heels,Step out in style

Patterned Heels

Patterned Heels

Plain items are a thing of the past, and patterns are now the in thing. And you don’t have to wear patterns just for your dresses, tops and pants as patterned heels are all the rage. Patterned heels come in a number of designs, so instead of wearing plain pink or black heels, you can have a few animal print or floral patterns on the shoes, so as to step out in style.

Keep in mind however that the patterns in the shoes create a very busy look, so the items you choose to wear with these shoes have to be preferably neutral. For instance, you can choose to wear your little black dress with brown animal print heels. In this case, the print on the shoes are supposed to brighten up the entire look.

You could also choose to pick one colour from the patterns in your heels and make it the colour pop of your outfit. Alternatively, you can choose to match your accessories with a particular colour on the patterned shoes. For instance, if your shoes are checkered hot pink, you can accessorise with a pink hair scarf.

Trying to blend your patterned shoes with another patterned item, for instance wearing floral oxfords and pairing them with floral pants can be quite tricky, and would need you to go to great lengths to pull off such a look. If not well matched, you could come off looking very disastrous. Since the focus here is your printed heels, it’s important to keep the other items toned down.

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