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Ann Kansiime

Ann Kansiime

“Officially off the shelf! He just asked and I screamed Yes! I love you Gerald!” was the message funny-girl Anne Kansiime posted on her Facebook wall last week.
Many friends and fans thought Kansiime was joking, but she assured everyone she was dead serious.

We called to ask if she was really engaged. “You people are making me blush. I’m in a café please, let’s talk about that when I’m out of here.” She responded when we contacted her.
Kansiime called us a few minutes later and told us, “It is official!”
She had gone on a date with her long-time boyfriend whom she only reveals as Gerald and he popped the question.

We were able to establish from reliable sources that Gerald is a lecturer in one of the universities and he proposed shortly before he flew out for a conference in Europe.
We are out to find out who Gerald is, but for now congs Anne and we wish you all the best with Gerald!

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