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Maria, Bolt bow out of race

Bolt and Maria

Bolt and Maria

Sierra Leone’s Bolt is yet another of the more interesting housemates to be evicted. With good looks and abs like many of the males in Big Brother Africa The chase, he also has a nice voice and surprisingly good vocals from the few times he sung with his housemates. Namibia’s beauty Maria was also excited. They talked to Brenda Banura about their BBA experiences

Is Bolt your real name? How did you acquire it? Are you athletic?
My real name is Adrian Lewis. I use the name Bolt because that is what my friends call me. It has nothing to do with athletics but rather, because I am fast in everything I do. For example, I quickly come up with brilliant ideas. I also work on computers and I am fast when working on anything to do with them.

Were you surprised by your eviction?
I was shocked but not surprised. I saw it coming because when you are in the Big Brother Africa House, you expect the worst when put up for eviction.

Who do you hope will be evicted next and why?
I want Pokello to get out of the house. She is a hypocrite. She acted like she is my friend but when out of the house, I was shown a video of those who nominated me and she was one of them. I was so shocked.

Who do you think will win the money and why?
I think Melvin from Nigeria will win the money because he is has a stronger character, he is ever laughing and gets along with everyone and he is also handsome. Africa seems to like him. But I would like Elikem to win because he is a good person, he is hard working, I hope he wins.

Why did you choose to hook up with Betty?
Betty chose me for a partner based on my smiling the day we entered the house and we connected since then. I like her because she is intelligent, smart and a very brave lady.

Betty said you were going to move to Ethiopia so that you can be together, is that true?
Going to Ethiopia is one of the first things I will do once I get back home but not to stay there for good. If we stay together, it is Betty that will move to my country Sierra Leone.

Why do you think you were evicted?
I guess Africa wanted someone else or something more than I could offer.
Why do you think Nando chose you to replace him on the nomination list?
I think Nando was just playing the game. He had to choose someone to replace him and it so happened that it was me and I was evicted. It could also be because he has a wrong perception of me or that we were not close.

Why is it that you never hooked up with anyone?
I didn’t get into the BBA house to hook up with anyone. Three months is a very short time for you to know someone well enough to hook up. And some people pretend when they are in the BBA house. I am the kind of person that takes my time before I get into a relationship so I couldn’t hook up.

What next after BBA?
I asked for leave from my boss before going for BBA so I still have my radio job. I will go back to it and hope many more opportunities will come my way.

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