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Priscilla Ray to set up a beach

Pricilla Ray

Pricilla Ray

Priscilla Ray has managed to keep out of the news. Not even her rides that include a BMW X5, a Mercedes Benz convertible, a Mercedes Benz ML 350 and so many more have gotten her in the news.
We would like to tell you that Ray, who is a former model and socialite is a changed person. We might as well attribute this to the fact that the pencil thin beauty recently graduated with a Masters in International Business and Management at the University of Westminster.
However, this time Ray couldn’t hide from us.
We can reliably reveal that Ray will soon join the list of beach owners in Uganda.

This comes after Ray acquired strategic property in Nkumba, Wakiso by the shores of Lake Victoria just a few days ago.
Ray could not hide her joy as she told the world on her Facebook wall: “It’s always been my dream to own water front property and today I have realised it! I own a beach yayyyy! So happy! Looking forward to the BBQs and meditations:)”
Ray is now in the process of putting up offices and other facilities at her new property. We cant wait to have a good time at your beach Ray!

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