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Amama rubbishes mini skirt bill



Forget the serious face he always pulls when he is before Parliament’s  Public Accounts Committee or when he is seated besides the president. Prime Minister Hon. Mbabazi can be a very humorous man. Mbabazi gave a piece of his huge sense of humour to Pepsi employees during the celebrations to mark their 20th anniversary at Serena Hotel on Monday.

During his speech, Mbabazi got laughing when he said “I drink only Pepsi,” and after a very thunderous applause, he added, “On Order!”

The Prime Minister explained that Pepsi Chairman Amos Nzeyi is his great friend and he always looks all over the fridge and even goes to places where he is not supposed to go just to make sure there are no rival drinks in the PM’s home.

The PM then jumped over to the proposed bill to ban mini skirts. “That is nonsense! How can a whole Parliament start discussing mini skirts?” the PM wondered! Mbabazi added, “I know it’s a government bill and I am the leader of government business in the house, but honestly when that bill was tabled I didn’t know it had anything to do with discussing mini skirts; I think that is a wastage of time!”

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