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People who have trademark style … or lack of it

Straka with one of her colourful hairstyles.

Straka with one of her colourful hairstyles.

Signature looks. There are people who will not step out of their houses without their favourite hat while others choose to stick to a particular hairstyle or similar kinds of clothes. Anita Imalingat brings you people who need no introduction just by the way their dress.

Straka and her outrageously coloured self…
Fashion reject, fashion victim or clown call her all sorts of names but this sure makes Straka a brand of herself and still makes her relevant. I mean who would occupy our lists of worst dressed celebrities if Straka decided to change her hair and dress code?

The man in the hat
Guess you all know who I am referring to. Could it be that he has just one are there are many that look alike? I guess the hat should be listed as one of our national emblems  for peace and prosperity in honour of His Excellency President Museveni. Sometimes I tend to believe that this hat is the secret behind his stay in power… it could be magical you know. There are even rumours that this hat is bullet proof, but who I am I to know. And there are those who say the hat keeps him true to his herdsman roots, even if he doesn’t have time to tend to cattle.

The Janet cut
It’s really a classy and smart hairstyle that derived its name from the first lady who made it popular. And then our sisters from the western part of the country adopted it, as if to pay tribute to Maama Janet. In fact if you come across a first year student with such a haircut you don’t really have to ask which part of the country she comes from. Trouble came in when house girls decide to borrow it and since then its slowly losing its popularity  and classy touch as some people now call it the house girl cut. But everytime we see Maama Janet step out bold and proud with her crowing glory, of a haircut, it’s regains it glory.

Mowzey Radio
I guess you already have an idea of what I am going to write about … the bangles. A hand full of bangles and you will be quick to associate that with the musician… I guess the bangles have something to do with his musical success, otherwise why doesn’t he put them off, even if he is wearing a suit? Upcoming musicians please don’t steal the look because it may not work well for you as it did for Radio.

Eddie Kenzo and Ronnie doing the Stamina dance. The two have popularised colourful skinny jeans among the youths. PHOTOS BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

Eddie Kenzo and Ronnie doing the Stamina dance. The two have popularised colourful skinny jeans among the youths. PHOTOS BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

Otunnu and his shirts
Mr  Ambassador sir, what’s with you and the those bitengi shirts? Could you be allergic to the modern western clothing or you became accustomed to this look as a way of keeping your identity as an African while you were away working as a diplomat in the UN? One more question, where do you buy those fabrics as people have searched and failed to duplicate your look. And we almost forgot … while you are at it wearing your bitengi, it would really be nice if you at least opted for more fitting pieces …

Eddie Kenzo/ Ronnie stamina
These two have created what I would call the Stamina franchise. First it was the dance strokes, then the Mohawk that Ronnie wears and now the coloured skinny pants. I always get a pained expression seeing teenage boys dressed up in these very tight colourful  pants, but they quickly remind you that if Kenzo can wear them, so can they. But shouldn’t these jeans actually be addressed in the anti-pornography bill because they also leave some parts exposed?

Namirembe Bitamazire
She’s stuck to her generation and not about to ditch her afro for anything. For all the time she was Education minister, one thing remained constant – her hairstyle. I wonder whether it’s her natural hair, a weave or a wig. I should credit her though because her choice of hairstyle is age appropriate … I can imagine the expression on your faces if this senior citizen made an appearance with one of Straka’s coloured hairstyles.

Upcoming musicians and dreadlocks
Search a bunch of dreadlocked youths and what will you find? I guess your guess was weed. Well, you might find it on them, in tribute to the Ghetto President, but what you will most certainly find is a music CD. These here are upcoming musicians waiting to hit the big time. But who said that for one to make it in the music industry they must have dreads?  Is the talent in the dreads? I wouldn’t have a problem with the dreadlocks if only these guys knew how to keep them clean and neat. But put them at Jinja Road roundabout and other people would throw them coins thinking they are mentally impaired beggars.

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