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Gorilla faces a hungry lion at Entebbe zoo



A jobless man went to the Zoo in Entebbe, and noticed there was an open cage at the zoo.  Upon inquiry, he discovered the zoo had a very unusual position that they wanted to fill.

Apparently a gorilla had died, and until they could get a new one, they needed someone todress up in a gorilla suit and act like a gorilla.

He took the job, and became popular in a week. Every visitor was told there was a gorilla which understood English and would do exactly as you say. Say jump it and it would jump, tell it to turn and it would turn, dance and it would dance.

Meanwhile the gorilla had one “killer” trick of swinging on the upper tree branch, somersaulting and landing straight up. People would happily throw bananas, biscuits and Kabalagala into the cage as a way of appreciating the trick.

One day unfortunately, the gorilla was doing the famous trick and pa, the tree branch broke. He fell into the next cage.
There was a huge lion in that cage, and it looked very hungry.
So the man in the gorilla suit started jumping up and down, screaming and yelling, “Help, help! Get me out of here!

I’m not a real gorilla! my name is Ken Lukyamuzi The Man, I’m just dressed up in a gorilla suit! help!”

The lion quickly, pounced on him held him down and said, “Iwe Ken shhh, Iam also not a lion, this Kiiza Besigye. Be quiet, you are going to make both of us lose our jobs.”

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