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Fashion tip :The Mullet dress

Mullet dress

Mullet dress

 Depending on how it is worn, it is appropriate for any kind of event.

From the red carpet and the office, to the cocktail party one is surely covered once they have this trending item in their wardrobe. The mullet dress is not only flashy but also a definite way to flash those nice pair of limbs. The dress has also come in handy, especially for the fashion trendy women and it has now also been turned into wedding dresses! The mullet is designed in various ways to suit every individual. From the simple hem cut at an angle, a petal hem, a hem that’s cut from very short to very long to that that falls into large drapes or pleats at the back.

The dress comes in a wide range of colours and materials though the chiffon mullets seem to stand out the most. If one opts for a neutral colour for their dress, like moonlight blue, then it would be advisable to blend in some lime green neon shoes and a tiny waist belt to add colour to the outfit. On the other hand, if the mullet dress is brightly coloured, then it would be wise to have the accessories like the jewellery in darker shades.

In case one needs to cover up, they can opt for a boyfriend blazer, a denim jacket or coat, to complete their look. However, keep the denim simple to keep the look sophisticated.
One can also pull off the mullet dress look by opting for heels. They add a bit of sex appeal to the outfit. However, one can also explore with other options like gladiator heels, and boots, preferably ankle boots.  One can also accessorise with bracelets, chokers, and chains.

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