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Iryn goes back to school

Yes, we mean singer Iryn Namubiru is back to school! Actually guys at Chavendish University have already launched bids to bench the singer, whose marriage is apparently on the rocks. Others have been approaching Iryn with offers of helping her with her coursework! Yet, also girls want to chill with the songstress; our source told us that several ladies at the university have approached the singer to join their discussion groups! And Iryn, like all freshers is still confused at what exactly happens in the university, “She is not very conversant with the structures of the university, so she has entered three wrong classes and being the celebrity she is, she always disrupts class whenever she comes in late or enters when the lecturer is already teaching,” the source told us.

When contacted, Iryn told us she decided to go back to school to acquire a profession in the tourism business which she intends to join anytime soon. “I’m opening up a tours and travel firm and I want to be professional in my business,” said Iryn, who is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Tourism.

But why go back to school at the peak of her career? Iryn told us that since she set out to completely settle in Uganda, she has a lot of time. “I didn’t go to university after my S.6, I want to be a professional and I’m giving it my all,” Iryn said. Way to go Iryn!

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