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Hustler: Roy Masiga – Unilynk ICT Solutions


What is Unilynk’s speciality?
We have a vast scope of services ranging from Media and ICT solutions, Internet/Web Solutions, bulk SMS service/SMS marketing solutions, software development and distribution, computer supplies (hardware and software supplies), data recovery, networking solutions and data analysis. We also have ventured into marketing and printing posters, fliers, banners, promotional materials and we do concept development, corporate advertising, marketing, branding and events management. You can check out more on our website

How much capital did you require?
About Shs1.2m, for machinery but our most valuable assets are the minds.

When did you start operating?
In January 2010.

Have you had any shortcoming in this business so far or all is well?
Of course, there are always hardships. For example, we lack capital to expand business. And like it is for other Ugandans, because of load-shedding, electricity comes in the way of service delivery. There are also delayed payments by some clients and the most prominent is the fact that ICT services are being embraced slowly by the market.

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