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Fashion Tip: Studs and spikes


Studs and spikes are striking, but a thin line between being fashionable and a rebel. Here is how to rock them.

It’s already a month into the new year, and as such, you should be fashion forward and not stick to the past. Studs are on and you should ensure that at least a few items in your wardrobe are covered with studs and spikes.

Studs have slowly but surely become a global sensation, and they are quite trendy. They come on a number of items including clothes, jewellery, bags, stunners, scarves, shoes and even caps. Studs create a chic and rather tough style, so they are most preferably donned by the younger generation.

Variety: Studs and spikes come in a wide range of shapes and colours. The different types include pyramid studs, conical studs, English punk 77, jewellery studs and dome studs. However, one can only wear one particular type at a go so as to create a tidier look.

How to wear: It would be wise to wear studs with material on which the studs colour coordinates. For instance, silver studs would be best worn on white material, gold studs on mustard and the shiny metal studs on black leather.

Studs and spikes can pass for the casual look, and work for the formal look only, if done right.

One however has to keep in mind that the look only works if it is not worn in a monotonous manner, as over doing it may kill the entire look. For instance, one can choose to complete their outfit with a studded clutch, here, you have to ensure that nothing else in your outfit is studded.

Be your own designer
The beauty about studs is that one does not have to search all over town to find their favourite studded item, you can actually buy the studs and spikes and lay them on the material yourself.

For a first timer, it would be wise to begin with an a accessory like a necklace or scarf, so as not to go wrong.

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