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Two weeks after wedding, Kankunda seeks divorce



In case you are wondering who she is, we will offer to remind you. Prossy Kankunda was the youthful lady with a very charming voice in a band called Kads Band. The band released several love songs many of which are mostly played on weddings and introduction ceremonies. Unfortunately the band was disbanded a few years ago, but not their productions!

Well, the band came back to our memories, a few weeks ago when someone brought us news that Kankunda was walking down the aisle. Kankunda got married to a one Moses Mugume who is said to be over 10 years younger than she is.

But to our shock, our sources came with news this week that Kankunda had filed for divorce in the courts of law. According to the source, Kankunda and her newly wed hubby Moses showed signs that the marriage would not work when they fought on their wedding night.

“During the reception at Tourist Hotel Kampala, Kankunda took one too many and couldn’t stand seeing Moses talk to any other girl. So she started a verbal exchange with him,” the source revealed. Two weeks later, she wants to throw in the towel.

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