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The track :Can’t let you go – Weasel and Radio

Some concern has been expressed as to whether these two guys release way too many songs… and way too many good songs at that.
The concern has become that one can only be both humanly good and prolific until a certain point, beyond which the unforgiving law of diminishing returns comes home to haunt the producers. So maybe there has been monotony in many a Weasel and Radio song, creating a sort of template where as a listener, you can easily predict, unprompted, when Weasel will come in on any song with his bee blee bee blee whatever ragamuffin gibberish it is.

But maybe that is also the mark of truly good musicians, that even when their formula, if you may call it that, has been figured out, they are still able to charm the listener. Radio and Weasel continue to impress, five years later, without very much varying their formula.

The song’s success, once again, is in the ability to deliver a catchy, tasty chorus line, accompanied by verses pumped up with energy and thrust. Radio’s presence makes their songs easy on the ear, while Weasel is the animator without whom the songs would come out flat or ordinary. The Weasel and Radio formula is working and it’s still working wonders. You sense that the only danger to the Weasel and Radio franchise is themselves, and, whether with fame and wealth, they can stay united.

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