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Comedian Sevo to mimic Obama in the US



Like we have always told you on this page, comedians are taking their game to another level every other day. The latest info reaching our desk indicates that Fun Factory’s Herbert Mendo Segujja aka, Sevo, who is popular for mimicking President Museveni, might be headed for big things in the US where he is currently undertake a course in comedy.  If Mendo’s recent Facebook post is anything to go by, then the secondary school teacher might be headed for so much more than a  meet and greet with US President Barrack Obama.

“My Director of American Comedy Institute believes I am good enough do comical impressions of President Barrack Obama on his inauguration ceremony. He has all I need to make it to the White House. My heart says I am not yet ready, because it took me time to perfect acting the Ugandan President, I know opportunity comes once but I need sometime. Advise me.” Read Mendo’s post.
During a telephone conversation, Mendo told us he had started working on perfecting mimicking the American Leader’s character; “I think I can pull this off, I’ll let you know how it goes, just pray for,” Mendo told us. All the best.

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