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Fashion tip : WHAT SUITS YOU?

Every man must own at least one suit. Here is a guide on how to avoid what doesn’t suit you

An ill-fitting suit can be seen from miles away and has a damaging effect on your image. So getting the right fit in a suit and having it tailored is rather important, if you have any concern about how you might come across in an interview, to a client or to your peers. The first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is get properly measured (which any reputable retailer can do for you). This includes: neck, shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist and inseam. Once you know your size, you are free to hit the dressing rooms. And when you do go shopping for men’s suits, keep these six things in mind:

Choosing a fabric: Unless you have a closet full of suits and want something different, wool is your best bet for a suit. A good fabric will spring back without wrinkling after it’s squeezed.
The fit of your trousers; Make sure that the waistline of your trousers is comfortable and that you can stick two fingers into the waist while you’re wearing them. And as far as pleats are concerned, it’s usually a personal preference. However, as a general rule, pleats are better for those with larger tummies and not a good idea for those who are thin. This is because a flat front trousers accentuate your tummy if you have one and pleats help cover it up. And conversely, pleats make a skinny guy look even skinnier, and not in a good way.

The hem on your trouser: Nothing says sloppy more than a pile of fabric at your ankle. Your pants should reach your shoes. Make sure your trouser is not cuffed (no turn-up). It makes you look taller if you happen to be a little shorter.

The Length of Your Sleeves: Make sure your sleeve length is right on, otherwise you will look like you borrowed someone else’s suit. If the sleeve covers your shirt cuff, it is too long. It should just reach the base of your thumb, revealing a half inch to an inch of your shirt cuff.

The waist of the jacket: The jacket should fit easily across your stomach. Whether your preferred style is classic or modern, look for fitted waistlines that enhance the shape of your body.

The general fit of your suit: When it is all said and done, you should be able to stretch and bend easily in your suit. Make sure that you have free movement of your arms. As a test, bring your arms out straight in front of you, and also try sitting in a chair and pretend you are working. You should always be comfortable.

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