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Fashion tip : The art of recycling

recycling clothes

recycling clothes

You can wear the same item on different occasions and appear like you are wearing something different

Disclaimer: I am not talking about the recycling where you wear the same unwashed item over rand over again. I do not condone that and if you find yourself guilty of this, you do not need fashion advice. You need tips on basic hygiene and for that I may have to refer you to public health or P1 where they teach these things.

On to matters of recycling, I know that however much we want to be stylistas and fashionistas, we are trying to do so within the constraints of a Ugandan economy, which is a long shot really. We can’t afford to have a new dress for every occasion or a jacket for every outfit ,or even pants for every day of the year. We do what practical people do and that is well, wear the same outfit again and again. It could be a favourite jacket, or a dress that just brings out the best of you. Or even a pair of jeans that fit just so, not too snug or too loose.

So we all do it, then what’s the problem with it? Well for one there are two types of recyclers, those who artfully and cleverly do it such that the outfit looks fresh or different every time you see it.Then there are those who recycle the same old thing so much you can see them from Jinja Road when they are walking down Kampala Road at night! The second types are the ones who make recycling look bad. Here’s tips fall you if you fall in that category.

Colour: If it is a trendy item that you know you will be wearing often, go for a versatile neutral colour. Say for example a blazer, Choose black, or grey or white, which you can dress up with different outfits.
Avoid over the top detail: Not because I want you to be boring but because well the more detailed fancy your dress, blazer pants or whatever, the more memorable, which is bad for recycling because just after wearing it twice, people will think you wear it too much.

Accesorise: Don’t   just replicate a look every time you recycle, even if everyone said you were smart the first time round. Endeveour to play around with it either with accessories like scarves, belts, hats and brooches. Then also experiment with layering for example if it is a dress, or top. Create different looks or at least vary how it looks.

Different places: Try not to wear the same thing to the same place .If for instance you wore it for a day out, you can wear it to church next time and so forth.
Avoid paparazzi: Also avoid being snapped in the same outfit severally. Honestly this is the biggest give away.

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