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Afande Kerekere with King Arther.  Photo By Jonathan Kabugo

Afande Kerekere with King Arther. Photo By Jonathan Kabugo

Comedian Afande Kerekere meets fan King Arther ( Comedian, tv and radio personality, Afande Kerekere spent some time with Arther at Record TV)

What is your real name afande?
I’m George Mulindwa, and I belong to the Ngabi clan.

So we are brothers!
So you are also from Ngabi clan?  Although for my case, I dont entirely belong here. I come from Jamaica, here on holiday.

Hahaha, that’s funny. When did you join comedy?
I think I started around 2007 but not too seriously. I was only giving it a shot. It was after I completed school that I started taking it seriosuly, because my mom was too strict and never let me try out all these talents until I had finished school. Though the love of performing is in-born.

I’m sure your parents are now supportive, what about your spouse?
Of course, but does she have an option anyway? Even though we haven’t had a wedding yet, we have a child together. That’s reason enough for her to be supportive. Besides, when I met her I was only at the foothill of my comedy career, and look how far I have come. During the  time we met, I was just singing.

What then happened to your career in kadongo kamu?
It wasn’t kadongo kamu, it was ragga dancehall. If I was still singing, the Chameleones would have packed their bags and headed for the village. The singing really came to halt as the comedy became serious and more profitable. The crowd always loved me.

What did you study?
I don’t even remember what I studied. Also, teachers never wanted me out of their classes, they always told me to repeat. I ended up taking longer to finish. I did school for more than double the normal time.

Then Amarula? Why did you leave?
Amarula was too complicated, a long story. Our rift wasn’t about money, it was about respect. I can’t work for you or with you if you don’t treat me with respect and this is independent of how heavy the pay we negotiate about is. During the time I worked for them, they underlooked us. They never listened to what we had to say. When you complained or corrected someone, they quarreled and threatened to fire you. But there is no rift between us now, I greet them when I find them.

How tough was it for you to make a career transition from ragga dancehall to standup comedy?
It wasn’t hard, though comedy contributed a lot to the collapse of my musical dream. It silenced all my attempts at music. After I had chosen this Afande Kerekere character and accent, it became hard for me to sing good Luganda as people always thought I was miming someone else’s song.

Where did that northen accent Afande Kerekere uses crop out from?
I went to Shimoni Demonstration School for my primary school and during that time, most MPs and ministers’ children used to go to Shimoni as well. Since most of them were northeners, the best Luganda they could speak was what is Afande Kerekere’s accent today.

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