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Bobi Wine arrested in Juba

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

With his much anticipated Tugambire Ku Jennifer album launch on later tonight, Bobi Wine has not had a smooth ride the past few weeks. A few weeks ago, tabloid reports alleged that his marriage with Barbara Itungo was on the rocks! A seemingly enraged Bobi posted on his Facebook wall, “I don’t care if newspapers and tabloids fabricate stories about me and my Barbie just to sell, but at least have some respect for my wife. I love and respect my wife more than anything on this planet, so haters, as you create baseless rumours about us, we just switch off the lights and go upstairs!

A few days later, Bobi made a post that made his fans restless, “I am being chauffeured to a Juba police station for a case I have not been explained to. Fans, friends and family, I pray all this goes down well.”

A few hours later, Bobi made another post that settled the dust. “Released with no charge! Yenze omubanda wa Kabaka owakabi. Thanx for your prayers!”
But the troubles were not over yet, when Bobi returned to Kampala, he realised his posters for his album launch that is on this evening had been pulled down and had been replaced with others that indicated he had another show at K.K Beach on the same day of his album launch. Bobi promised to sue K.K Beach management for the act. Let’s see what Bobi has for us tonight!

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