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Hustler: Whitney Grace Najjuko

Whitney Grace Najjuko

Whitney Grace Najjuko

What’s H.O.W GNAJ?
I have three long names so I abbreviated them and came up with GNAJ. It’s now a fashion house called H.O.W GNAJ fashion house that makes jewellery and clothes.

How long have you been doing fashion?
For quite long since my high school days but it wasn’t on a professional level. Friends used to ask me to make them clothes and I did. I decided to make it a fashion house this year in August.

How do you come up with your designs?
God gave me a creative mind, if you tell me what kind of outfit you want I will sketch it for you in my book and make it. I move with my book all the time and if an idea pops up in my head I draw it. Sometimes, if I find that an outfit bores me its original form, I fix it and fit it to my taste.

How did you manage to fund your project?
I funded them myself, I was working at Top TV and also did a promotional show on NTV so I saved some money. But I’m at MUBs now doing International business. Actually, I didn’t start with a lot of money. I started out with two outfits – I wore one which featured in the media and there after people called me saying they want the outfit. Since then I decided to wear what I have made to parties or events.

What are your future prospects?
At my fashion house, I want to do styling work like directing photo shoots or videos and getting the necessary costumes because I’m a concept developer. Right now I’m dressing up people like radio presenters and TV presenters for red carpet moments and I also do their makeup. I hope that in future I will be able to provide someone with verything they need head to toe.

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