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Date with a celeb : Barbie makes new friend, Rhona Asiimwe

Barbie  and Rhona pose for the camera at Forest Mall after their girly chat. Photo By Ismail Kezaala

Barbie and Rhona pose for the camera at Forest Mall after their girly chat. Photo By Ismail Kezaala

(While at Forest Mall based Simba Cafe, Barbra Itungo aka Barbie business lady and ghetto firstlady  met her new friend Rhona and gossiped the afternoon away over cocktails)

How are the kids?
Oh, they are fine, very fine.

I like your bag, is Louis Vuitton your best label?
It’s not my best label, it’s Bobi’s. He went into some shop and bought me seven similar bags in different shapes. But I love them, it’s a designer bag, so. But I can’t buy him stuff because he is choosy and the type that over dresses, his favorite colors are black and white. All the clothes he has that are in other colors were bought by me. He only wears them to cover up so that I don’t get mad.

So where do you shop?
Abroad when I’m traveling but if I’m not traveling, I’ll buy anything anywhere as long as it’s nice. I even go to Owino, I can take you all around Owino because I frequent the place. I don’t get people dotting around me because they are used to seeing me shop within. It’s just the same thing as when I go to Kalerwe, people address me as “Maama Solomon,” it’s not a big deal.

I’ve watched your reality TV show, how do you live up to it?
There are cameras everywhere, in the bedroom, in the kitchen. Whether you’re eating posho and beans or anything else, they are always there. There is no place in the house without cameras but at the end of the day the cameras and TVs are switched off and that’s it. And sometimes there are camera men following us everywhere we go.

What was your first relationship like with Bobi?
We were acting together and that’s how we meet. I was a born-again girl so I didn’t like his personality but I got to know him because we started getting closer and nine months down the road…yes.

What do you take pride in, what do you thank God for?
I thank God for my family. Children are the joy that every woman would like to have, a comfortable home and have a happy life. God has given me a best friend for a husband, very beautiful and healthy children. I grew up in a very loving family and he later gave me my own which is equally loving as the one I grew up in. I’m spoilt, I don’t know of any misery all my whole life. I’ve never frowned.

Does it bother you what people think of you best friend?
It doesn’t matter how people perceive him, what matters is who he is to me. People can think all they want but it may not be what you are on the inside. The way I see you could be totally different from the individual you are. I make my own survey and conclusion, though sometimes it bothers me what they call him or what people think of him. But I make sure it doesn’t stay on my mind.

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