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Introducing DJ Elvis Ssekyanzi



Step aside DJ Shiru, DJ Ivo, DJ Alberto and DJ Faisal. All Club Silk revellers, put your hands together for the latest disc spinner DJ Elvis Sekyanzi, who rocked the club on Saturday night.
This sounds a shocker but after several years in the business, Silk Director Elvis Sekyanzi, son to tycoon Gordon Wavamuno seems to have picked special interest in playing music. According to sources within Silk, Elvis has been training deejaying for quite some time. “He always takes off time and plays during the day,” the source said.

And last Saturday, Elvis decided to showcase his latest skills, the Club Silk and Silk Events proprietor took to the DJ booth and told the DJ to step aside for him. Elvis wowed the crowd as he mixed nice songs and without disorganising the flow and rhythm of the output. We are yet to establish if Elvis will be playing more regularly, but his debut was quite a good display!

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