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I have a girl that is confusing me, Pastor Bugembe

Pastor Bugembe

Pastor Bugembe

He might not be the kind of performer that jumps up and down when on stage, or pull girls from the audience and dub them neither does he speak languages many people don’t understand, but Pastor Wilson Buegembe is such a wonderful performer.

The youthful preacher was the guest performer at the weekly Crackers Comedy show at Theatre Labonita last Wednesday and he kept the audience screaming and singing out throughout his one and half hour long performance.

However, midway the performance, Pastor Bugembe attacked fellow pastors that attack him for taking the gospel to the people; he also attacked pastors who go on TV and radios and ask people to send them mobile money. The Bilibabitya-singer also questioned which church KFM presenter Roger Mugisha goes to!

Shortly before he did his famous Kani song, the pastor decided to open up to his fans; “by the way, I would like to tell you something as friends; I have this girl that is mixing me up! Yes, she is there and I’ll soon put her in the limelight,” the Man of God said amidst wild cheers. We wish you the best Pastor Bugembe!

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