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Chameleone gets Moto Moto ride



From the time of its inception, the annual Crown Beverages promotions have been all about winning cars and other prizes. However, this year, Crown Beverages took us by surprise when they announced singer Jose Chameleone as the face of this year’s promotions which they code-named after the singer’s latest Moto Moto hit.

We have since gathered that Chameleone was paid tens of thousands of dollars for his role in this year’s promotion. Chameleone’s role as the face of the Moto Moto promotion included recording visual and audio adverts for the promotion, using his image to promote Crown Beverages products as well as performing at the promo activations and handing over prizes to winners.

But besides all that, we have learnt that Chameleone was the first person to win the prize Toyota Nissan Xtrail. Chamleone drove to Club Silk in his purple Xtrail last Tuesday and he told us as part of the Moto Moto deal he signed with Crown Bevrages, he had to be the first person to get an Xtrail. “I am the face of the promotion and I had to be the first to show people that Moto Moto is here and it’s real,” Chameleone told us.

The singer said he likes the car. We have been wondering why other artistes like Vampos and Jackie Chandiru did not get a chance to drive away any of the prize cars throughout the years!

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