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Three minutes and 17 seconds of my life I will never get back – that was the first thought I had after I watched this video.

What kind of reputation have we built with our artistes that they think they can produce anything on camera and call it a video, and then expect us to watch it, mesmerised by their ability to show that they can be captured on camera?

Never mind that it was shot in high definition. High definition means nothing if there is nothing high about the quality of the video. All you are left with is a really good picture and sound.

And that is exactly what this excuse of a video is. A good picture of Bebe Cool showing us how big sized he is in his designer clothes (I presume), some Swangz Avenue dudes trying to show us they got swag, and the usual girls shaking what their mamas gave them.

We have Proline Studios to thank for this video with a clearly fake crowd cheering on Mr Big Size. By fake I don’t mean that they got no swag. Fake, as in the crowd looks like it is made of dolls.

And then there are these garage doors and gates, barbed wire and chains all over the place, which makes me believe Bebe Cool must have been going for a battleground kind of setting. If that is what he was going for, then he succeeded. But again, we can’t really tell what he was going for, what with the scenes changing so fast and so frequently that you have no time to take any of them in.

The one saving grace for this video is the dancers. These guys really dance and give us something to look at. The costumes are not something you would rush to tweet about in praise but neither are they so terrible that you will post them on Facebook and tag all your enemies.

Again, this is another video that does not reflect how good the song actually is.


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