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Pastor Bugembe gets restrictions association with secular artistes

Bugembe during a concert

Bugembe during a concert

Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s friendship with secular artistes has been put to the test, we understand.
Fellow pastors think that Bugembe shouldn’t be promoting secular events or secular artistes.

A secular artiste who has been working closely with the singing pastor tells us that Bugembe has so far failed to cooperate by refusing to appear in events adverts for about five secular artistes.

“He has helped many secular artistes move towards God, which is the main reason he collaborates with them but the church thinks it is getting out of hand,” said the artiste who asked for anonymity.

Bugembe has continued to record and perform with secular artistes – something that the church was against some time back, and then it became almost acceptable and now it’s again a real concern.

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