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Hustler : Emmanuel Otim aka DJ Emmie Pro

Dj Emmy

What post do you hold at WA DJs?
I’m a director.

What’s WA Dj’s major objective?
We discover talents and breed opportunity for them to grow. It is more like a deejay record label. WA stands for We Are deejays. The initials give us identity.

When did you start?
In 2009, I was in high school. We were only two back then, and we used to play for Rosh Sounds during weekends. Currently we have over eight DJs signed to the label. We had nothing when we were starting, no hard disk, no head phones, nothing. We were what you would say “raised from scratch.” Today though, we have three sets of machines for the company and each individual has a personal machine, and a head office is underway.

How do you choose who will play at what gig you are contracted for?
Everyone has specialty. We know who can play at a wedding, who can play at a kwanjula, a graduation party or birthday and we also know who can play in a nightclub. We know who can play for youth and who can play for adults. We also have mobile public address systems for hire. We have played at quite a few shows like at the launch of Nokia Asha at Theatre La Bonita.

How do you split your earning?
Before earning, we have to build the company, so all members with salaries deposit 10 per cent with the company’s account and for ceremonies that we are contracted for, 50 per cent is for the company and the rest is for the DJ that played at the event.

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