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Fashion tip : Cutaways, to love or hate them?

Cutaway dress

That is the question. Here are the pros and cons of this fashion trend and where not to be seen in a cutaway. You may know it as the trend where clothes especially tops and dresses have strategically placed holes. Holes because it actually looks like someone took scissors to the dress and lopped off material in certain places. Cutaway is not to be confused with plunging necklines or even backless, the opening in cutaways is always surrounded by fabric. So to love or not to? I would think there’s reason to do one of either for starters love.

The strategic cuttings are perfect to show off décolletage, tattoos or any other features of your body that you feel compelled to let the world see. We can’t exactly call it subtle seeing as there is that opening that screams exhibitionist, still that you get to keep everything else covered is a plus. The cutaway can be cool, and transform a boring outfit into something trendy, even sexy. A cutaway dress for example ceases to be just a dress and qualifies as a fashion statement. On the down side, cutaways can leave you teetering dangerously on the edge of trashy, if the cutaway is too big, or they are many, and definitely if it is on anything made of spandex. Also, they may not be for everyone. Read this as me delicately trying to say that before you give the rest of us a peek into what lies underneath, please do make sure what is there is not in actuality an eye sore. I think cutaway is too “spice girls”. In fact the trend is a lot like the girl group.

They came, were awesome for a while because we didn’t know any better and then they died a natural death and have stayed that way despite numerous efforts to resurrect. But then there are those who have no issues with girl group fashion. For those I offer a verdict based on the pros and cons.The cutaway is alright as long as you are careful where you wear it, no church or office. Also as long as you balance its advantages and disadvantages, use it to show off your best parts, or some skin at least while hiding the bits you are not too proud of. Let me rephrase that, even if you are immensely proud of your Michelins (tyres), or those stretch marks, we are not too keen on seeing them, so keep this and other bits like those out of sight by not having a cutaway in these parts or at all.

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