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Fashion tip: Crop and Dye

Crop and dye

Crop and dye

Short hair is not an easy style to pull off and dying it might only make it worse. Here is how to make it work.

It is interesting how the unlikeliest of things are peddled in the name of fashion. Like blonde hair on black women. Even more interesting is how this goes ahead and catches on as a trend. Of late, I have begun noticing several girls rocking cropped blonde hairstyles. While I was intrigued about the look when Sera (God rest her soul) outed it, I found myself lost for words when I saw a lot more people trying it.

Let’s face it, short hair is not the easiest style to pull off. Dye it blonde and you just made the task 1000 times harder. But it can be done, as Sera and a few others have proved. Here’s what I think you need to pull it off.
Fantastic face structure: Not the one where you look at yourself and think “I am beautiful”. More like you went to the salon and the stylist held your face gingerly, surveyed it and said “you have fantastic bone structure!” The other option could be that you are a model and are basically paid to look good in anything however ridiculous. Same goes for head shape. Why you need this structure, even with the dye short hair means your face is more visible. It will be the next thing people will notice after your blonde crown of course.

Clear complexion: I know I would hate to see spotty or rough skin framed by blonde hair. I actually have and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Visit a beauty parlour, learn to use concealer, just make sure your complexion is flawless or appears so. Remember cutting your hair is tantamount to exposing your  belly in a crop top, same rules apply, make sure it looks good first before you  bare it.
If you have those down, you can go ahead and try this style, after buying appropriate ear wear of course .The rest of you should wait for the next trend because this one is not for you.

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