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Straka in late show


Straka Mwezi has enemies and friends in equal numbers!

This was evident when booze took her down and people came and put her up again on Monday night.

The drama was at De Posh bar in Kabalagala, when the chubby TV presenter took one too many, only to be reminded of the lyrics in the late Paul Kafeero’s song Dippo Naziggala in a rather punitive tune.

Our Sherlocks who were on the scene tell us that Straka started the night drinking with a couple of friends. As time went on, her friends left one by one and by 4am. she was seated by herself but continued to drink.

By 5.30am. Straka couldn’t move a foot, not even her tongue and she was helped by the bouncers who rested her in the couches.

She was woken up at 8.30am. when two of her friends came looking for her and they drove her home. That was one hell of a late show, babe!

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