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Rwanda, Sudan promoters rush for Chameleone phones

He might have launched it just a week back, but singer Jose Chameloeone’s Chameleone Mobile phone has already proved to be a hot item to reckon with. Chameleone Mobile phones went on sale after the launch at Guvnor last Thursday evening. The phones are sold at Freecom telecommunications formerly Ham GSM shop run by Chameleone’s brother Humphrey Mayanja on Ivory Plaza building.

However, before he could even sell off the first phone in Kampala, Chameleone got deals with promoters from Southern Sudan and Rwanda who bought thousands of Chameleone mobile phones to sell in their respective countries.

As part of the deal, Chameleone is set to launch the phone in both countries before they go on to the market.

During an exclusive conversation at the opening of the new Asylum Bar along Namugongo road last Friday, Chameleone told us that only a quarter of the first batch of Chameleone Mobile phones that had been delivered earlier this month was left for the Ugandan market.

The source however told us that Chameleone was expecting the second batch of phones around mid-next month.

“He (Chameleone) has already linked up with interested market leaders in DRC Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi and he will need tens of thousands of phones to be able to reach the East and Central African region,” the source told us! Go Chameleone!

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