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Princess Komuntale wedding date set

Boys get out of the line and shift your hopes because the Princess of Tooro Kingdom Ruth Nsemere Komuntale has already chosen the man to marry her.

It is official – Komuntale will walk down the aisle on July 14 in Fort Portal, two days after introducing her fiancé Christopher Thomas from the US.

The wedding has been announced by His Majesty King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba. He now seems ready to live a distance from his sister since Komuntale will move to the US permanently after her wedding which also comes weeks after her graduation.

A good bride price would make you accept, we suppose. But in fact, Mr Christopher Thomas won’t be paying anything because the royal family doesn’t accept bride price.

Queen Mother Best Kemigisha has also travelled to the US to check out Christopher’s family, we understand (just the right thing all parents should do before letting their daughters go).

This follows a couple of quite untraditional (read saucy) snaps in the tabloids.

But we think this was supposed to mean she loves him, a lot, which is good.

Congs to you, Princess!

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