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Fashion tip: Avoiding a fad overload

Fads show that we are in with the times. Unfortunately, they come and go. Here is how to look timelessly classy.

Basics first: A fashion fad is a passing trend. Something that is hugely popular for a while then loses steam. Remember how everyone was wearing those shutter sunglasses some peeps copied from Mowzey and Weasel who in turn had copied from Kanye West as if they were the hottest thing yet if you try them on today, you are called a villager? Or those Keffiyehs that were a hit until a few months ago but only the fashion tortoises are still sporting them? Those were fads. Hot now not tomorrow.

Just so we are clear, wearing fads is a good thing, if for nothing to show that we are aware of what’s trending. But like all good things, too much is actually bad. Wearing all the latest trends from head to toe is classic fad overload and there is nothing cool about it. If anything, one ends up looking like those local chaps who try to wear all their new clothes at once. Here’s how to avoid falling in the fad overload trap.

Know the current fads: Know what is trending at the time is a good place to begin. For example right now the fads are maxi dresses, fedoras, and ankle boots for girls, scarves, cross body bags, jump suits and rompers. It helps to know just which they are so you don’t just dress only to realise your entire outfit is all fad.

Remember less is more: You don’t need to force a look by piling on fad after fad. Keep it at one or two fads at most, and then add a classic piece. For example if you are wearing something that screams fad like the Newyork pants, or those skinny coloured jeans boys wear, then you only have space for one more . An accessory preferably like a fedora, or a scarf. Seriously, the world can only take so many fads on one person. The point is to reduce overload anyway.

Mix it up: Use the fad to bring your style to date instead of just throwing out all your clothes and taking up each new fad that comes. For example, with the hats and scarves, they can spice a normal timeless outfit like jeans and T-shirt and make it look hip and modern. A blazer can do that too. If it is a dress or pants, you can pair it with more of your normal clothing items like a cropped jacket, or a normal top.

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