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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Date with a Celeb: Dr Bbosa meets adoring fan, Annet Tushabe

(Sam Bagenda aka Dr Bbosa and Annet met at Theatre Labonita, the home of the Ebonies and he showed her around.)

Sorry I’m late had to meet Bobi Wine first, I’m glad to meet you! What’s your name?

Me too, I’m Annet Tushabe. I have always wanted to meet you.
Oh that’s good to know, I also had a similar feeling about Sylvester Stallone. I met him two years ago when we went to Hollywood. I drove to his house personally and told him I adored him. You know I used to use my offertory money to watch movies instead of putting it in the basket in church.

Is that why you chose to act?
Not necessarily, I was singing in church because my parents were “saved” and held special places in church. You see, those days we sang in the choir without even shaking the head or hands so I suggested we incorporate gestures into our choir. The first service was as lively as never before but the reverend wasn’t amused he thought we had diverted attention from sermons to fun. Then, guess what, I was banished from the church – St Paul Mulago.

Are you for real?
Yes, I left with a few choir members and we started a choir called Sunrose. We started doing shows then showbiz kicked off. Immediately after campus, I met the late Jimmy Katumba who introduced me to the Ebonies but as a singer. It was our director JWK Ssembajwe who saw talent in me and my first play was The Dollar – the rest is history.

What were you studying at campus and why did you choose drama over it?
I was doing Bachelor of Commerce. By the time I joined Ebonies, I was the assistant accountant at Hog Robinson Uganda Ltd. Those days MDD (Music, Dance and Drama) was translated as ‘musilu dala dala’ a course for the unfit in academics, I wanted to go against that thought. I knew I had my papers and in case drama failed to work out, I always had a profession to go home to. Unfortunately, I never went back to being an accountant again though I was good at numbers.

‘Dr Bbosa’,is it one of your real names?
No, Bbosa has stuck over time since the drama That’s Life Mwattu. I was intruiging and people always wondered what I would be like if I was a real doctor, so when we discuss characters with the crew, they always suggest I retain Bbosa…everyone calls me Bbosa

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