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Date with a celeb: Bush Baby meets fan Shakirah Nakalungi

Bush Baby meets Shakirah. Photo by Ismail Kezaala

(Bush Baby and Shakirah met at Virgin Island, talked about family, presenting and success.)

You don’t seem to be on the scene these days.
I like my privacy, I’m not a socialite.

What did you do at campus?
Mass communication, I’m a journalist by profession. However, I rarely hold a pen and paper like most journalists, radio is my passion. It’s really fun besides being challenging because you have to be relevant at all times, up to date with the affairs in the country and internationally.

So what’s your speciality?
I’m a DJ, radio and TV presenter, programmer and an emcee. I have worked in many places but at first I was a club DJ, however the perception that DJs were bayaye prompted me to explore other fields to earn a little more credit as a DJ. People think I’m an expensive DJ that’s why I only do special corporate events like end of year parties.

What do you thank your high school days for?
I went to Muslim schools. While there, I learnt one main thing – hygiene. It always comes first for me. I’m a neat freak.

Is your spouse comfortable with it?
Of course she is, I mean it’s who I am. If I go back home and I feel the floor has some dust, I’ll sweep the whole house and mop it. She must be proud, I guess.

What do you do in your free time?
Do I have free time? No, I feel like the only thing God gave us without holding back is life but kind of limited us on time. Well, once in a while on Sunday, I pay church a visit … I’m not a regular though.

How’s your typical day like then?
I wake up at 3.45am, say a small prayer and get in the car waiting for me. At about 4.30am, I’m in studio with my colleagues preparing for the morning show, at 10am we review the show. At 12pm I head to the “Raising the bar” office where I link up with a colleague Josh The Fixer, with whom I’m working on the Jump Off project. It’s a TV show that will air on Urban TV very soon.

What’s the plot of the Jump Off show?
The Jump Off is a concept I’ve worked on for over a year. Just keep tuned to Urban TV, you’ll see what I mean when I say I set and break my own records. The feedback so far is amazing, the packaging, content is new and unique in a way. I chose Urban TV because it’s a new platform and represents the age group I’m trying to reach out to.

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