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What’s with Desire and Aligaweesa?

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda is either planning to hold a big concert in Lugogo Cricket Oval or there’s some really big news we’re about to unearth. I mean, what other reason could justify a late night out between the singer and sports czar Jasper Aligaweesa.

It was Saturday nearing midnight in Club Silk when these two came in hand-in-hand. It was clear they both liked each other’s style that night. We pretended like we were not seeing them but of course Luzinda knows how the game goes and she was kind of uneasy inside the club.

But it’s not easy to restrict new friendship and before we knew it the pair was feeding on the same plate of food, sharing drinks and chuckles, of course.
Trust us to postpone our sleep until we knew how the story ended; and it was not until Aligaweesa and Luzinda left driving in the same car after 4 a.m. that we also thought of returning to our nests.

We contacted Luzinda and she told us her and Aligaweesa are “special friends.” “We will continue going out together. We are always out having fun while other people choose to talk. They can keep on talking and we shall keep on going out,” she said. We wonder how the “Minister Without Fort Portal” will take this bulletin.

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