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Sera feels celeb pressure


Swangz new signing and one of Uganda’s hottest music prospects Sera is tired of being famous already.

Not that she has asked us to help her find a new career path but when she says that being famous is “tough” – we really understand, because we have lived in that region for years (forgive our boastfulness).

The young girl says she has attracted more “conditional fans” than most of us. Can you imagine she has even run out of space to put all the freebies, mostly coming from men? They call her even when she is in bed and she doesn’t know who is giving out her number.

Fact is the new kid on the block sings really well and even with just a handful of her songs playing on TV and radio, Sera has built herself a big fan base. “I think I need a teacher because I still want to be as approachable and relatable as possible,” she said.

This is tricky; who could help teach Sera how to be approachable and relatable with no strings attached?

Guess Juliana Kanyomozi can help.

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