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Maddox back to studio

Maddox Sematimba Semanda

Maddox Sematimba Semanda

We bet most of you thought you would never see Maddox Sematimba Semanda back on the music charts…just like us. Surely, his imprisonment in Luzira for failure to clear hotel bills in August 2010, followed by his confession to being broke and the rumours that he had dropped to frying chapattis in Nankulabye all pointed to the downfall of once music powerhouse.

But we could have jumped to conclusion here because the reggae star, through all the hardships, has been working on a comeback and he has initiated the first step of his return in the shape of a beautiful lovers rock tune titled Nayiga, which is Luganda for I learnt.

You may want to interpret that the Namagembe hit-maker is singing about how he has learnt his lessons in life. But also know that he has nine more songs and he is preparing to release a full album sooner than later.

He has done the songs from Zink Productions, and we can discuss everything including whether Maddox can manage to stay sober for long but we can’t doubt his music aptitude.
Welcome back home Mad.

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