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HUSTLER: Latif Brookie

Latif has specialised in shoes. PHOTO BY  ISMAIL KEZAALA

Latif has specialised in shoes. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

Do you deal exclusively in shoes as your business name suggests?
Yes, all kinds of shoes. I deal in ladies and gents shoes ranging from classy to sporty and casual. They are all very good and in high demand.

Where is your main outlet?
We moved from Katwe to Ndeeba, where I have a big showroom. But right now I’m doing tours around the surburbs like Bwaise, Kawempe, Nateete and Ntinda.

Where do you get all these shoes? You must have invested a lot of capital.
My uncle brings them from the US with other goods like TVs, hoofers, computers, other electrical appliances, ladies bags as well. He brings about 300 sacks of shoes.

And how much do they go for?
Depends on the quality, all the shoes I sell are used but they are classified in three classes. Third class ranges from 20k to 40k and first class shoes can go up to 250k. Sometimes it depends on the customers’ persuasive tongue and bargaining abilities.

How are the returns so far?
On a good day, I bank over Shs3m and fortunately on a bad day I bank about Shs1m.

Who are some of your reputable clients?
All classes of people, although a few deserve mention like the entire Goodlyfe Crew, producer Paddyman, Chris Wajjadi, Godfrey Nyakana and DJ Danny Yo.

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