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HUSTLER: Ali Baaba

Ali Baaba in his office. PHOTO BY  JONATHAN KABUGO

Ali Baaba in his office. PHOTO BY JONATHAN KABUGO

What is your business called?
Dataline Graphics. It’s located on Nasser Road, Muzza Printing Industry, room2 on level 2.

What do you  do?
We do so many things from graphic designing to printing and embroidery of all material of clothes. We also do brand items like pens, cups, books and other stuff even gifts. We make tear drop signage, fliers, posters, banners and anything else that is graphic related.

What are you skilled in?
I’m the head graphic designer, I’m a graphic mastermind. I went to Makerere university, that’s where I learnt everything I do.

How do you cope with competition on this street?
Nasser Road is filled with skilled people but for me I know what I’m doing, I handle my clients well and I’ve gone hi-tech. I post my work on facebook and people make suggestions on what the final work must look like. And also. people look for quality.

How is the income?
Sometimes good and other times people are broke. The people who understand what we do don’t want to come this side of town and we get those that just want to keep money for themselves, thinking everything here is cheap, so we end up not working for them. But we are not complaining.

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