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FASHION TIP: The fedora

Fedoras are not one of those hats you just plunk on the head

Fedoras are not one of those hats you just plunk on the head

Normally it is the very daring who pull off a hat on their outfits, but even they will wait for the occasional studio photo shoot or the ultimate hat wearer’s paradise, the Goat Race to wear their hats.Thank the fashion gods because there is one hat we do not have to wait till the Goat Race to wear, the fedora.

Not only does it have the right amount of swank, think the dude in the Takers movie, Neil caffrey of White Collar and P. Diddy, but it looks great on both boys and girls. Yes the fedora is actually unisex even if some colours like pink are more preferred by girls and plaid and browns are a favourite with the boys. That said, it is important to know that fedoras are not one of those hats you just plunk on the head.

There’s a deliberate art in finding just the right tilt to make you look cool and in confidently pulling off the bold look, thus it is not for the faint hearted. To make the most of this trend, you should wear the fedora tilted to one side, the careless askew look being the ultimate fashion statement.

The fedora looks okay with both casual and formal looks for the boys a la the smooth talking criminals in the Takers or the art thief/FBI agent in White Collar. The girls will have to settle for the fedora complimenting the casual outfits. However, you can wear it with all sorts of casual outfits, from a simple sleeveless top and jeans to a sassy floral sun dress.

Fedoras give extra punch to a neutral outfit. Get a colorful one to pick up black, black and white or grey outfit. For more colourful outfits, flip the coin and wear a fedora in neutrals colours. You can experiment with the different material and styles available, from straw for sunny days out to the beach, to tweed, wool and corduroy. You really have no excuse for not finding one to suit your taste and style.

It may be a little tricky to get your correct fit. Too snug and it will leave an unsightly mark around your forehead and a headache, too loose and it is a whole different look not, fedora. Also make sure the fedora at least rests on your head properly however jaunty you want the tilt, otherwise it may embarrass you and fall off at the slightest nudge or distract others who keep fearing it will fall off.

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