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Date with a celeb: Charity meets UBC presenter Calvin Da Entertainer

Calvin and Charity met at Virgin Island Bugolobi, talked success and hardships in media and life.

Calvin and Charity met at Virgin Island Bugolobi, talked success and hardships in media and life.

Hi Calvin
Hi missy, what is it about me that you like so much?

I like your shows especially Horizon Vibe, whats the other one?
I present Groove Mix on Sunday night, a radio show on Saturday from 6pm to 8pm and a daily show Urban Floss from 2pm to 4pm. Although I’m getting away from daily radio shows because of my busy schedule.

By the way you are smart!
Oh thanks, my fashion stylist is called A-bryanz Collection, the same guy who designs Jose Chameleone and Maurice Kirya.

What prompted you to join media, is it what you studied?
No, I studied something else, information systems management at an Indian University here in Uganda. I went for presenting because that’s my passion, and it was my dream. Since I was in Kyambogo College in S.5, staying in a hostel nurtured and exposed me to countless things, one of them was my talent on the TV set.

How did you get to UBC then?
I auditioned and emerged winner out of 80 participants. I started presenting a seven minute show called Horizon Vibe News. From a seven minute show, it was stretched to 25 minutes, a few months before I came up with the Horizon Vibes master plan. And I wasn’t being paid, except for facilitation.

What could be the challenges you encountered then?
I didn’t find much of a challenge since I like to challenge myself to set standards. I want to give something different because the industry is very competitive, sometimes I go on set when I’m feeling sick but I want to give you my fan the best of me.

For the countdowns, are the playlists requested by viewers or your preferable songs?
No, out of 10, viewers contribute only two songs. Viewers have favourite songs that they want you to play this week and the following week. This would make the show boring, so I select what I know will keep the programme hot and swaggerific. The brother doesn’t sleep, I watch so many international and local channels.

So what do you thank UBC for?
Giving me the chance to chase my dream and producers who have modelled me into a major player in the broadcasting league.

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