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CONNIE’S TIFFS: Isn’t it supposed to be a men’s show?

The Men show host Peter Igaga. The programme is supposed to be about men, but they are hosting women. COURTESY PHOTO

The Men show host Peter Igaga. The programme is supposed to be about men, but they are hosting women. COURTESY PHOTO

Hanging out with the girls to many, is a common line that can imply, “a group of females chilling to rant about life, men, disappointments, indulge in gossip, advise each other where necessary…” and so on.

Now, in relation to the above, when I heard that a show dubbed Men was going to be aired on NTV, I jumped up and down in excitement. And do you want to know why? Well, let’s just say that men can be discreet about so many things. When they meet to enjoy “the boys’ nights out”, for example, despite talking about a whole lot of things, they will try to make it seem like all there is to the kaboozi is soccer and the booze.

True lies, I must say! I mean, it is not rocket science that you and I know the three words, “Boys’ night out” can incorporate a whole lot of things, from family, work (read the hot babe that distracts his mind daily), their crazy insecurities, that other colleague that is so irritating, soccer, booze, the uncool chic that has just walked through, the ravishing one and so on.

Please do not ask me how I know all this; just blame it on my curious mind that tries tirelessly to explore and relate experiences. And with this Men show, I thought that finally, my assumptions were all going to have some credibility attached. Yes, I was going to tick or cross out the results of my curious mind accordingly.

However, while the beginning was not so bad, the angle that the show is taking is quite disappointing. Okay, it is obvious to many that the world would be a miserable place without “us” (read women, duh?) but these guys are making it seem like the situation is too serious!
To a lay man, the programme title Men, means that the show will tackle a number of men’s issues. And what a breath of fresh air! Yes, since time immemorial, we have heard so much about women.

From promoting the girl child, understanding their likes, dislikes, what entails their world, how they love seemingly awkward things like telenovelas, ice-cream, chocolate (even when  they are commonly for the children), flowers (forget the fact that they will wilt asap, in a bid to please her, one can forego the fortune to see her giggle, gosh) etc to the point that with all this literature, a man can give a go at making a woman shy away whether they are faking it or not.

Then for the men, it is the total opposite. Everything around them is made to seem so obvious and stereotyped. I hear, all men cheat. All men lack that in-depth sense of style. Men are cowards when it comes to hooking up a girl. Men do not want to be bossed around, Men love calm women, blah blah blah!

And this might never be the issue hence having the men, speak out about the facts that entail their world would be worth waiting for. But this business of incorporating a female personality every now and then to talk about almost the same topic is oba distracting?

It’s like these dudes have lost touch with creativity so they have to incorporate the female species to make the show more interesting. In the long run, the men leave us wondering; do they simply want to learn from the women or do they want to let us into the men’s world? Is it all about relationships- women? And are there not men who can spend a day without incorporating a female in their life? One certainly doubts so. In that case, how about the men for once, exploit this platform to own up to their sexuality and wipe out the stereotypes by letting us in on the facts?

I mean, there is fashion to it, finance, family, tips to date a babe and get it right, what is it that will make a man look attractive, experiences from various guys, the challenges that some men face today (bosses hitting on them, getting trapped into unwanted relationships by sharp babes) the major differentiating factors between them and women, making and keeping friends, how their minds, bodies work, the list is endless.

As opposed to having a woman there to as if steer them to the right direction, for once, it would be interesting to see men opening up and bringing an in-depth understanding of what exactly happens in their world. Yes! We want to know it all and it would not be such a bad thing so please, quit the beating around the bush and hit the nail hard on the head! Just make the show exclusive to men, it is called Men after all, right?

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