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Mr Hush

Mr Hush

Do you remember that track by Henry Tigan entitled Empizza Zo? Not the one that he did with Renah but with some two chaps Dennis Rama and Mr Hush? The “ragga” part was done by a fellow called, Mr Hush!

Sadly after that track, Rama and Hush disappeared. Tigan scaled the heights there and then and its only now that he is somewhat “disappearing” too. However Mr Hush is attempting a comeback of sorts with a track called Toloba.

God bless his attempted comeback with a music scene so changed from the time he left it. Personally I would advise him to start farming but you see musicans are a stubborn bunch…even Clever J is planning a comeback!

Anyway moving on, Video producer 1488 shot the video clip at an open beach in Entebbe, making the night party scenes a welcome break from the monotony of stuffy nightclub scenes in suburban discotheques.

Known for shooting flambouyant videos like Tip Swizzy and Eddy Kenzo’s Bolingo and Jackie Chandiru’s Gold digger, 1488 of Superstar Films puts together a decent video that is devoid of that flashy, quick-silver, pay- to- play appeal of most local videos today.

Basically, he manages to capture the new unpretentious, simple man musical profile of Mr Hush.
Not necessarily the kind of video that you will stumble upon simultaneously while channel hopping, but definitely one that will outlive the euphoria of its release. Good luck Mr Hush with your comeback.

Passable song. Good video.

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