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Hustler: Hamza Njuba


What is your company’s name?
Studio 9 Film Production Inc. We call it studio 9 because we started in 2009.

What do you major in?
We do professional filming, editing and production of TV shows, documentaries, weddings, and films. We also hire professional video equipment and do camera work, editing and production for big companies.

How did you acquire all this equipment?
We didn’t buy all of them at once, they accumulated over time. We started along time ago while still working with MGS video productions. By the time we started we had about Shs20m worth of assets and liquid cash, two computers and two cameras.

You studied this stuff?
No, I learnt over time, partly freelancing and working at MGS. But I studied mass communication, it was out of interest that I learnt this.

So, how much do you charge for projects?
It depends on how much time, where we are going to work and what equipment the project requires. For tours upcountry stretching longer than a day, I charge Shs3m and above.

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