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Peplums. It is a chic way for plus size ladies to dress up and also for the skinny ladies to appear having a few more pounds.

Dressing up for the round, shapely ladies can be an issue and for a while now, statements like “dress according to your body type” could have made dressing up an even more confusing process.

However with peplums, one can have every reason to dress up and feel confident. Peplums, a trend that was common in the 80s are available today in cuter, colourful and modern styles.

The other advantage that comes with this trend is that even the skinny ladies can wear them and add some voluminous shape to their bodies in case they feel the need to.

The trendy style can be paired with a pencil skirt for a curvy body shape. Also subtle accessories can be very ideal for this look to allow more focus on to the chic details.

I must add that peplums are hotter with high heels because the extra length creates a very elegant and appealing look.

Given the fact that we have been so used to looking at pretty skinny figures around us, it might be interesting to dress up in an attire that adds some volume once in a while and that is why donning peplums would not be a bad idea after all.

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