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Pastor Sematimba’s miserable bouncers

You must be wondering what a pastor who was recently seen in an army camouflage would be needing bouncers for.

Besides having God’s protection, the Rubaga L3 Chairperson Peter Sematimba’s recent public appearance in an army uniform also proved that he must be well equipped when it comes to self defence. But Pastor Ssematimba still went ahead to hire bouncers. Well, perhaps he has his reasons but even then, there is something he needs to do about his bouncers.

We happened to bump into Pastor Ssematimba jogging up and down the hill near Rubaga Hospital. He was dressed in very nice sports attire with quite expensive trainers. But to our shock, his bouncers who were running by his side were dressed up in black suits!

For a man of his class and style, we think Pastor Ssematimba is fully aware that it would be absolutely necessary if he availed some sports attire to his bouncers for the morning runs.

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