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Fashion tip

Beards. A neat and properly groomed beard can make a man look as cute as a kitten. But how can one exude such qualities when they are used to one particular shaving style? Well, to achieve this, one can consider the following styles and wear them, depending on their facial features.

The Goatee: This is another interesting option that can expose one’s sense of style. It also looks good and can favour one with a thick moustache and hair at the chin. This makes it a common and fancy style among the youth.

The Horseshoe: This style is a traditional style commonly characterised by long vertical extensions down to the sides of the mouth. This type is easy to maintain. However, it requires a professional to get it right. Also unless one is adventurous and trusts that they can pull off the look, I would suggest they leave it for the old skool dudes. Other styles can include the full beard and oval shape, among others.

The Pencil style: Imagine a suave impeccable upper lip and you shall envision the pencil beard shave. This type is thin, narrow, closely clipped and is mainly suited for men with slow facial hair growth. One can get this by using a single blade razor. However, the best alternative would be to visit a professional barber. And to get the right look, there should be evident skin between the beard and the moustache so that one is not mistaken for wearing lip liner. This style requires constant upkeep for lasting neatness.

The Rugged look:  I know it seemed such an uncouth habit for one to have a rugged look. However, international celebrities like Rick Ross changed this perception and slowly by slowly some men are embracing it appropriately. For an even look, one can start with a clean shave after which they let the hair grow for an all-over scruffy appearance. This laid back style does not require much maintenance but one has to ensure that they keep it clean, short and fine such that the skin is visible.

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