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Fashion tip



Often times, people turn up oddly dressed for events. Here is how to dress right for the occassion.

To many, fashion has become an obsession that demands embracing every trend regardless of the eventual effect. Now this is the point where wearing misplaced outfits to occasions gets irritating. When an invitation card reads, “Casual”, “Formal”, “evening wear”, one should dress up accordingly.

One ought to be able to differentiate between dress codes. While at a graduation party recently, I was startled to see a group of young girls strolling in, in very skimpy outfits that suited the Saturday night outs. The same thing happened at another wedding ceremony where a group of ladies walked up to make a speech on behalf of the bride only to leave the guests startled at their rather indecent wear as opposed to listening to the actual message.

Respecting the dress code is a matter that should not be ignored because not only does it add value to one’s character, it also shows how highly one has honoured the host. And when it comes to fashion, it can boost one’s esteem and confidence.

The key secret to wearing the right dress code for any do is to take time to read and understand the details on the invitation card. Then, in case one has a problem interpreting the meaning behind the particular dress code, they can always inquire from the boutiques as they purchase the clothes or even the host.

Another trick could be to carry some extra items (in the car) that are versatile and can suit any do. These might include a pair of heels, flats, a clutch and a dress (could be a tunic, pencil or bubble).

These can come in handy for the impromptu functions and save one the endless explanations of “I was not aware.” All the above can guarantee comfort and confidence. I mean seriously, you wouldn’t want to walk into a huge party only to realise that you are the odd man out, right?

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