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Date with a celeb: Bosco Rwaheru meets Angela Katatumba

Angela and Bosco play a game of pool at Hotel Diplomate. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

Angela and Bosco play a game of pool at Hotel Diplomate. PHOTO BY ISMAIL KEZAALA

(Bosco met Angela at Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga, for breakfast and afternoon bonding)

Hi Angela.
Hi you guys. Welcome.

Thank you, My name is Bosco. I’m honoured.
Me too.

Have you always been fascinated by climate and the environment?
No, I started when British Council saw what a wonderful job I was doing ln my For You Gulu foundation just by singing, so they called me up and I started the Let’s Go Green project.

I love the Let’s Go Green song with Keko.
It’s amazing because I did it from a very boring subject – trees just like wars. But my message is simple plant more trees and preserve our climate.

Why did you choose Keko?
I was working with Benon at Swangz and I told him to suggest someone, someone who does hip hop who would give the song a twist so that it could appeal to the youth. He told me to listen to Keko, I liked her so we called her in and I was as honoured to work with her as she was working with me.

How was it like being born to a rich family with a tycoon dad?
I thank God, I mean who am I? I also thank my mum for keeping us grounded and not letting us get spoilt. We had everything and my dad never said no, he endeavoured to get us to the best schools in the world like Oxford, Buckingham. My family were good role models.

In those schools were you victims of bullying?
No, we were never victims of bullies but we have been victims of racism. I remember in school in Canada, kids used to ask me if we ate people or slept in trees back in Africa! However the worst was when I auditioned to write the graduation song and they chose the white girls’ song over mine. Mine had most votes amongst the peers.

Were you dating in school?
No, I was huge in school. I have a sweet tooth, I ate a lot of junk, ice cream day and night, cheese burgers, milkshakes, so I was very fat. So I wasn’t dating, even if someone asked me out I wasn’t confident enough to go out with them. I would be like are you really sure? Please look again you must be confused. But boys liked my face.

Did you go for prom?
Yeah, but I had no date … I’m telling you, not a single guy asked me to prom and I didn’t feel bothered at all, I mean I didn’t expect it anyway. But my friend, a very beautiful girl Daniella had over 10 boys and had no idea who to choose. No dress would fit me so I did a men’s suit.

(Angela gave Bosco autographed wallpaper, and added him to her facebook favourites.)

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